The secret ingredient is you

OUR STORY Wraith Energy was created by gamers, for gamers. In 2019 we started Wraith Energy out of a desire to create the most powerful, best-tasting and most affordable energy drink with the gaming community in mind. After a long time of research and development… and some rage quits, Wraith Energy was born… Or summoned from the Abyss. The ultimate blend of nootropics, b-vitamins, antioxidants along with an unrivalled flavour.

Since our inception, we’ve had one secret ingredient. You. We created Wraith so you’d actually enjoy it. Wraith Energy is completely community focused and everything we do, we do for the cult. We’ve listened to your suggestions, even the crazy ones… (We’re looking at you, Gamer Bathwater), and as long as there’s still Wraith in our shakers***** we will continue to do so. If you want to have your say in the Wraith community and be a part of Wraith’s future, please join our discord.


 WARNING: The energy on this site was created either by gamers or under the supervision of gamers. Accordingly, Wraith Energy must insist that no one attempt to recreate any of the flavours available on this site.