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Fiery Ginger Beer

Only the finest of energy drink connoisseurs will be able to contemplate the complex bouquet of flavour offered up by Wraith® Fiery Ginger Beer. It's a rich mixture of the world's finest botanicals, finished with a bold fire. Are you classy enough to handle Wraith's® most controversial flavour yet?


Wraith® is the original Esports formulated drink that will hit you with the biggest energy & focus boost of any product on the market. It's been specially formulated to help gamers, streamers, content creators and esports athletes stay at the top of their game for longer.

Energy, Focus & Hydration 

Join the #WraithFam

The Wraith® Fam is real! We're at the heart of an amazing and vibrant community of streamers and content creators. We proudly support and encourage content creators of all sizes. Pick up some Wraith® today, Join The Cult and feel the love of streaming's most supportive and friendly community.